Nov 2, 2020 | Press Release, Registry News

The Panama Maritime Authority and the Ship Registry are grieving the passing of IMO Secretary-General Emeritus William A. O’Neil and express their condolences to his wife, Mrs Olga O’ Neil and his family.

“William O’ Neil was a great friend of Panama -he received the Grand Croix of the “Vasco Nunez de Balboa“ ’s order- constantly providing his advice and knowledge to the Panamanian maritime community who appreciated his efforts and support to improve the quality of training and the implementation of international norms,” said Panama Minister of Maritime Affairs and Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, Arq. Noriel Arauz.

Mr. O’ Neil’s visits to Panama were the opportunity for all the previous maritime administrations to share his expertise making a huge contribution to the development of what is the Panama Maritime Authority today.

“The shipping industry is more reliable, safer and environmentally responsible now, thanks to his views on maritime security promoted during his past tenure at the IMO,” said Eng. Rafael Cigarruista, head of the Panama Ship Registry. “We owe him a lot. He was very concerned about safety leading to significant improvement of maritime standards and investigations of maritime accidents,’ he added.

While at the IMO, William O’Neil oversaw the adoption of the Protocol to MARPOL Convention and Annex VI on prevention of air pollution and accelerate the phase out of single hull tankers. His contribution to the norms “we are applying now has been remarkable and initiated the process of decarbonization we are commencing now,” said the director of Panama Ship Registry.

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